March 19, 2010

Easter books for children

For this week's edition of Feed Me Books Friday, everyone is sharing their favourite Easter books. Come join in, whether you prefer religious or secular books!

The Best Easter Prize by Kristina Evans

My daughter received this book as a gift recently, and we both really like it! It's pretty simple, but I like that it (briefly) shows a family attending church on Easter Sunday, and then the kids go on an Easter egg hunt after the service. We don't do the Easter Bunny thing, so I like that the hunt isn't related to that. The little girl in the book shares her eggs with a friend who didn't find any eggs, and learns that sharing is the best Easter prize.

Journey, Easter Journey by Dandi Daley Mackall

This is an Easter book that C has had on her shelf all year long. The rhyming verses are catchy, and they tell the Easter story in simple language for children, with captivating illustrations. The pictures are a bit spooky at times, but there's not really another way to illustrate the crucifixion! It doesn't seem to bother my daughter at all.

The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs by Stan and Jan Berenstain

While this isn't the best Berenstain Bears book out there, I like that it shows that Easter isn't all about chocolate, but about celebrating new life (Brother and Sister Bear see birds hatch while they're on their Easter egg hunt, which is also a non-Easter Bunny hunt, by the way). This book is also a hit with my daughter, although she talks about jellybeans a lot now, and keeps asking if the bears could eat the eggs in the nest, or just the eggs in their basket - yikes!

The Flowering Cross by Beth Ryan

This is a lovely story about a little girl who warms the heart of an old man who lives next door, and they begin a tradition of sharing their faith together.


Amber P. said...

These sound like great books. We have "Who's coming to our house?" a Christmas book about the animals in the stable waiting for Mary and Joseph and it just stays in our church bag all year because the girls love it so much. I love books like that!

Anonymous said...

We don't have many Easter-ish books at all, and I think that the first one you listed would be a big hit over here!

Janna said...

Hi Skylar!

I always think about your growing tummy when I visit!

Anway, I like the three you shared and all with diff. messages.

I've been traveling and feel like I'm way behind but glad to finally read your post:)

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