July 13, 2009

Vacation & guitar breaking

We've been on a family vacation this week in lovely Nova Scotia. I'll write some "real" posts soon, but for now, here's someone else's vacation story for you! It seems that everyone has airline stories about less-than stellar service, delays, mechanical problems, and lost luggage. My boss loses a suitcase literally every time she flies.

I heard an interesting story about a Halifax-based band called the Sons of Maxwell who have been getting a lot of news coverage this week. They flew with United Airlines, and while waiting on the tarmac in Chicago, they heard a woman sitting behind them say "My God, they're throwing guitars down there!" It turned out to be their equipment that the baggage handlers were tossing, and an expensive guitar was broken. After much runaround by the airline, (and being a pretty good sport about it) one of the band members decided to write a lighthearted song about the incident, United Breaks Guitars. It's apparently the most watched music clip ever on YouTube, and the band has gotten worldwide exposure from so many news outlets covering the story (CNN, CBC, the New York Times, and even Rolling Stone!).

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