December 1, 2009

Homemade Bits & Bites

Making Bits & Bites is a Christmas tradition for us (although I could happily eat them all year long!). Our recipe has been tailored to our tastes, and feel free to adapt it to your liking! Other family members use different seasoning salt, and substitute peanuts, cheese sticks and Cheerios, but this is the version we like best. Enjoy!

Measurements for the munchies are up to you - feel free to add what you like, in the proportions you like! The seasoning for this recipe will cover enough dry ingredients to fill a turkey roaster.

Unsalted cashews
Stick pretzels
Oatmeal Squares (regular flavour)

1 cup canola oil
2 tbsp Worchester sauce
1 tbsp Garlic salt
1 tbsp Seasoning salt (we use Hy's seasoning, regular flavour)

Combine munchies in a roasting pan.
Mix the seasoning, and pour slowly over the dry ingredients, stirring often so that it is distributed evenly.
Bake at 250F for 2 hours stirring every 15 minutes.
Let cool, and store in airtight containers or bags.

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