January 28, 2010

Four tips to a more enjoyable winter

Hate the cold? Join the club! But here in Canada, I have to make the most of it, because I can't hibernate all winter (especially now that I have a child - Mommy Guilt sets in)!

Read my guest post on Because Babies Grow Up for Four Tips to a More Enjoyable Winter, especially written for those of us who aren't snow bunnies!

    "I’ll admit it; I don’t like winter very much.

    I could happily hibernate for much of the season, but my February-born little girl is finally embracing her birth month and has been having a lot of fun in the snow this year. So, I’m trying to give us some more active time outdoors. Here are my tips on making winter more enjoyable for those of us who aren’t snow bunnies!..."


Jenny said...

LOL about hibernating. I'd love to on these cold days!

Oh, and I checked the paint dabbers and they say washable!

SkylarKD said...

Thanks - good to know!!

Sab said...

Yeah... hibernating is out. Especially with kids!

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