January 12, 2010

Time for games again!

We were so busy over the holidays that we didn't do many new learning activities at home. Outings, cooking, puzzles, books and songs were about it, so it's time for me to introduce a few new games for C!

Yesterday we made shapes with popsicle sticks. I've seen this on quite a few blogs, and figured it was a quick and easy way to make a new game! C caught on really quickly, but the camera battery was dead at the time, so I didn't get a picture of her playing.

Some other plans:
  • Making more recognizable things for C's felt board (more than just the basic shapes we have now)
  • Spelling (she can spell a few words unassisted, and a few with help sounding out the letters. I figure I'd better go with this while she's interested!)
  • "Painting" snow with coloured water in a spray bottle
  • Tracing letters
  • Music practice (we started a music class last week and learned some rhymes and exercises to practice)
  • More practice on the balance beam, and practice jumping
On the jumping note, does anyone else have a child who can't jump?C is almost 3 years old, and she can't seem to master the mechanics of jumping. She'll get right up on her tippy toes and think she's jumping, but nope! Not even on the trampoline at gymnastics class. She can balance and stand on each foot, and her doctor thinks her coordination is fine otherwise, but she just hasn't figured out jumping yet. Any ideas for jumping practice (but not on the bed)?


Courtney said...

the shape game looks like a lot of fun! much of what is on your list is one mine too for things I plan to do! Avery will be 3 in March and she can jump but our friends child cant seem to do it either. I dont think its something to worry too much about but it might just be a control thing, not letting herself do it in her mind

Cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by at nurturestore and leaving a comment - lovely to hear from you. I really like your idea of painting the snow with coloured water. As for the jumping, we drew some dinosaur footprints across the yard to jump from one to another. My older daughter was 3 before she could jump - so I wouldn't worry just yet. My little one is tyring to master hopping at the moment - which is funny to watch!

The girl who painted trees said...

My daughter is 29 months and is just starting to lift her feet from the ground when she jumps (and I mean like 1/2 inch off ground). She just literally started yesterday, but she walked and ran early and can balance on each foot. I agree that it could be a control thing - it's kind of scary maybe to lose contact with the floor? She can once and then the next ten jumps are tiptoe ones like you described, then maybe one more 1/2 inch off the ground.

One thing we play is "The jump game
". I hold her hands then straightens her legs) and I pull her up as if she is jumping. She loves it and at first, she didnt get the pushing off part and now she does and ever since playing this game a lot, she finally started lifting her own feet.

Hope that helps

SkylarKD said...

Thanks for the jumping tips and reassurance, ladies! I've read online that it's not abnormal, but still, when it seems like everyone else's kids around me can jump, and C can't really participate in games that involve jumping, it makes a Mama worry. I'll try your suggestions! :)

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