April 13, 2014

More Earth Day Books for Kids

Earth Day is approaching, so it's time for another installment of Earth Day Books for Kids! Unlike most holidays, which have hundreds of easy-to-find books, it takes a bit more hunting to find appropriate books for Earth Day. Here are a few of our current favourites. Have a look at our previous list here.

 Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale - Sibylle von Olfers

This is a beautiful book that features photos from a stunning quilt. The story follows the preparations that Mother Earth and her children undergo to awaken the world after the slumber of winter, take it through the changes of spring, summer and fall, and put it back to bed just before winter comes. A lovely, whimsical tale, with a lot of detailed illustrations that children love!

Miss Fox's Class Goes Green 

This is a cute story that describes schoolchildren's excitement at "going green", and the simple changes they make to their everyday activities to help the environment. A great introduction to environmental activities for little ones.

Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug - Ellie Bethel

A funny rhyming book about what happens when a caped recycling crusader meets a smelly, grimy litterbug and helps him to clean up his act - and the town! My girls have loved this book since they were very small.

The Curious Garden - Peter Brown

I love the illustrations in this book! The story is lovely too. A little boy becomes the caretaker of a neglected little patch of garden in his grey city. As he nurtures it, the garden grows, and so does the city's love for nature!

Why Should I Recycle? - Jen Green

In my opinion, this isn't one of the most interesting books on recycling, but my daughter loved it in kindergarten last year! It has straightforward questions and answers about the benefits of recycling, and what happens to garbage vs. recycled goods. I guess she likes it so much because they are questions she had as well!

The Berenstain Bears Don't Pollute (Anymore) - Stan and Jan Berenstain

In this story, the bears learn that even though Bear Country seems clean, there is pollution under the surface, and there are a lot of things they can do to help to clean up the earth. There is a Berenstain Bears video with the same name, and although it has a different storyline, it has a good message about taking care of our world. We watched it a few days ago and we all enjoyed it!

Looking for more Earth Day activities? Play this easy Earth Day recycling game for kids, or check out my Earth Day Pinterest board for inspiration. Click here for more Earth Day cartoon videos for kids!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I adore the illustrations in that "Mother Earth and Her Children" book - so beautiful!

Kirsten said...

I know, I love it! I can't imagine having such wonderful quilting skills! :)

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