November 17, 2009

Making doll clothes

...not for Christmas, but for C's birthday in February. Her Cabbage Patch doll (my childhood doll) has a couple of dresses, but I think she'd have fun dressing her up in a bunch of different outfits. She's loved diapering the doll for about a year, but her old cloth diapers are too big for it. I found some great links, and thought I'd share them now, in case anyone is thinking of making doll clothes for Christmas.

I love the idea of a re-used and handmade Christmas. I'm sure we'll always have some new things, but we're working towards a "less is more" philosophy. This year I found some small kitchen accessories at a yard sale that are perfect for her play kitchen, and I'm going to make some more felt food for stocking stuffers. I also found her a second-hand Fisher Price Sesame Street play set (which I remember playing with in the 80s!). She fell in love with it while visiting a friend's house earlier this year. I've cleaned it up, and I'm going to touch up the paint on some of the faces and make bedding for Bert & Ernie's beds, because I removed the dented foam. Hubby plans to make C a balance beam.

Ok, on with the patterns! These can be adapted to fit any doll of a similar size.

Doll T-shirt Tutorial
Doll Pants Tutorial
Doll skirts (wrap and patchwork)
Baby Doll Cloth Diaper Tutorial
Dollar Doll Clothes - from underwear!

And some helpful tips about cleaning your Cabbage Patch doll!

Happy sewing!


Valerie said...

Mark's parents saved that same set from his childhood, and now my girls love playing with it whenever they visit Grandma and Papock. How fun!! I'm making lots of doll clothes for Christmas. I'm sure C will love them for her birthday!

Mom and Kiddo said...

I never had a cabbage patch doll as a kid... but boy did I want one!

Sab said...

That's a great idea!

sbsterling said...

Thanks for linking to me. I LOVE that play set!

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