November 15, 2009

November, so far...

What we've been up to lately...

Making poppies (kind of!) for Remembrance Day:

Sorting with Mickey:
Learning patterns with Mickey (I love the Disney paint chips from Home Depot - they're cute and colourful, and no cutting or laminating are required!)

Spelling (with cards, on the fridge, and in songs). By herself, C can spell her name, her Dad's name and "mop" (thanks to the song "Rag Mop" on her new favourite CD, Jazz For Kids). She's doing really well with letter sounds too, so we should do some more games with that while she's interested!
Making our own stickers - and this is inevitably what happens whenever we play with stickers!

And baking! We started our pre-Christmas baking a couple of days ago. We've been listening to Christmas music, which has increased C's interest in Santa Claus, so we broke out the Christmas books too. This is unprecedented for me - usually I'm a not-before-December kind of gal! Speaking of baking, I went to a Pampered Chef show last night - they have such nice kitchen gear!
We have totally cut out C's naps due to unusual bedtime crankiness recently, and things are going much better (although Mummy is very tired by the time 2 or 3pm rolls around!).

That's all for now!


becky said...

Jazz for Kids is one of our favorites, too. Have you heard the newest They Might be Giants, "Here Comes Science" CD? That one gets played endlessly in our house, which this mama doesn't mind so much.

Take care!

SkylarKD said...

Hi Becky!
I haven't heard that one, but I'll check it out! Shockingly enough, we don't actually own any They Might Be Giants!

Sab said...

I think it will be fun to start baking with my lil one... right now she's a bit small to help with all that though, haha

Love all the pics btw!

Lei said...

What a FABULOUS idea witht he paint chips. Love that! Thanks for saying hi today!

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