February 6, 2010

Making doll clothes - quick hat and diaper

C loves the baby doll that Santa brought her for Christmas.

Polly goes everywhere with us, and gets fed, burped and changed almost as much as a real baby (practice for when our 2nd child arrives in May, I guess)!

Soon after receiving her doll, I made a cloth diaper for Polly, because she is so small that real diapers went up almost to her chin! This week, C lost Polly's hairband, and was very distressed that Polly would have a cold head, so I also made a doll hat.

Both garments were quick and easy; they just needed a bit of measuring to fit the doll I was working with.

I used a scaled-down version of the pattern at Skip to my Lou, plus the suggestion from The Cottage Home to use more velcro to make it adjustable.

I measured the doll's head, and used those measurements to transform an old, stained T-shirt of C's into a hat, using directions from the Rookie Moms.

I have to dig out some newborn socks from our bins of baby clothes - Polly has been wearing C's toddler socks which are so huge that they don't stay on! I'm also currently making a stash of doll clothes for C's birthday this month, so stay tuned for more instructions and photos!


Adventure Mom Janna said...

My daughter loves taking care of her baby and changing her too!

It's so sweet to see her recreating moments we've spent together:)

Sab said...

That is adorable! I love it! And making the doll clothes must be fun too!

Ginny Marie said...

I loved when my daughter insisted her white bunny have clothes! I went to Walmart to find a little premie outfit for White Bunny. I love the little doll hat you made!

Jenny said...

Those are so cute!

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