May 9, 2009

Adventures in sewing: toddler pants

I made PJ pants for C!

This is a big deal for me - I've never sewn clothes before! I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, except that they're a bit low rise, so I'll lengthen the waist next time. I have a ton of flannel that I bought on sale a few months ago, and PJs seemed like the perfect project for cozy flannel.

I didn't use an official pattern, but I traced a pair of C's pants, then added some length and width for her to grow. I followed the guidelines here: How to make easy kids pants. I think this link will come in handy too: Modifying pants patterns for babies and kids.

Now, does anyone have any easy directions for making a PJ shirt/T-shirt?

1 comment:

Sab said...

Those look pretty cute to me! :) I've never attempted pants...

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