May 7, 2009

For the homeschoolers in the crowd...

Okay, not just the homeschoolers - anyone who does a bit of teaching at home (which is most parents)!

My favourite online book store, is having a great sale on educational books and materials. There are activity books for kids, lesson planning books, stickers, charts, and even a few books for adults. I've started to fill my cart already! My favourites are the footprints stickers and paper, Character Education series, Crafty Kids books, the Big Book of Holidays and Holy Days, and EDU-Slate (we have one of these in our airplane bag, but it's getting dog eared!).

Best of all, the books in the sale are only $0.99! Prices are in U.S. dollars, but they have warehouses in the USA and Canada, so Canadians like me don't get dinged with outrageous shipping prices, duty and long border waits - yay! I assume the sale is on for the month of May, but no end date is specified, so don't wait too long to make your choices!

I'm not affiliated with BookCloseouts, I just love their prices. Since I know many of you homeschool your kids in one form or another, I thought you might be interested in these deals!

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