May 5, 2009

Thank goodness for washable ink!

A friend with 3 kids once pondered why anyone would let their kids get their hands on non-washable markers. She must have had a few incidents, because she admitted to searching their backpacks and taking out ones that weren't! C has lost interest in crayons these days, preferring the vibrant colours of markers, but the permanent ones aren't within her reach (at least until she starts to stand on chairs to get things!). The other day while I was making supper, I sat her down at the table with some stamps, and she had a ball! Of course, we both had many "tattoos" by the time she was done, but it kept her entertained during the pre-dinner witching hour!

But again, thank goodness for washable ink. I picked up a washable ink pad last year on a clearance shelf at my local Co-Op, and it washed off so easily! I think thumb print art will come soon! Hmmm... we could also play police station and fill out the fingerprints on her child ID card...

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