May 11, 2009


Historically, I haven't been someone that wins many contests, but my luck has been getting better lately! During the Ultimate Blog Party I won two prizes, which was a very pleasant surprise!

A handmade bunny named Mopsy arrived a couple of weeks ago from Nicole at 60 Piggies. C fell in love with him right away, and she's slept with him many nights since (C has decided it's a "he" instead of a "she). Check out her blog for gorgeous photography and her etsy shop (SweetTeaShoppe) for beautiful handmade goods!

Today I also received a box from the Laugh-Friendly Company containing two books and two dolls. We read the book about Chatterbox, The Bird Who Wore Glasses at naptime; it was cute. I've only flipped through it so far, but the Classic Fire Trucks book looks fantastic! C is a bit young for it, but she loves fire trucks, so I think she'll like it. It describes what each truck does, firefighters' gear and their duties. We received two Cutie Patootie dolls: a swimmer and a boat captain. They're small dolls, and I think they'll be great new travel toys to bring when C and I go on a road trip together next week!

Here are a few giveaway sites to test your luck and inspire some online shopping!

The MotherLoad (check out their weekly Apron Full of Giveaways)
Etsy Giveaways
Etsy It Up!

Wishing you good luck!

1 comment:

nic said...

thank you for the shout-out and linky love! i'm so glad mopsy found such a loving home. :)

have a wonderful week with your little gal.

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