June 30, 2009

Coffee Filter Butterflies

We've been potty training this week, so I've been keeping C upstairs on the hardwood floor and away from the carpet downstairs. To keep us busy, we've been doing a lot of crafts, and this was a fun one that we did a couple of days ago. Here was the finished product:

  • coffee filters
  • paint & paintbrushes (we used watercolours)
  • pipe cleaners
All you need to do is paint the coffee filters (C did about 5 and she spent lots of time on them!), let them dry (30 minutes out on the deck did the trick for us), then twist a pipe cleaner around the middle of each coffee filter to make the body and antennae of the butterfly. Voila - butterflies! C and her bunny Stanley (à la That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown) had lots of fun playing with them that night.

By the way, C's face paint was done at a multicultural festival earlier in the day. Isn't it cool?!

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