June 8, 2009

Flea market finds & thinking ahead to Christmas

Oh, how I love yard sale season in my neighborhood!

There are tons of young families around here, so there are yard sales almost every weekend. Over the past few weeks I've gotten some great stuff!

Toys for C, craft supplies, and sewing patterns for me
(the big wooden airplane was only $1! I was excited to find a Fisher Price Movie Viewer - anyone have any movie cartridges they want to sell?)

Tons of books for C
...and me!

I've put a few things in C's travel bag (preparing for our summer trip to Newfoundland), but I've put many away for Christmas. I know, it may seem strange to give used toys for Christmas, but I was really inspired by an article in Canadian Family magazine last year, called A Green Christmas: How one family reworked the holidays with some creative gift giving. Instead of buying a lot of new toys, I love the idea of giving others handmade gifts, or passing along a toy, gift or clothes that you enjoyed and think someone else would like. I particularly like the idea of involving kids in choosing the hand-me-down gifts or making homemade gifts. And while we may not always have something that would suit everyone, I've found some neat things at thrift shops and yard sales. I can't imagine we'll be able to do this for everyone this year, but I'd like to do it as much as possible and challenge myself to be creative and resourceful. I like the message of giving that (I hope) it will teach C. I've considered asking other family members with kids to participate too, but it might seem too preachy, and I guess there's always the "cheap" stigma around used goods.

What do you think about the idea?


Sab said...

I like the idea. I make homemade gifts every year, partially to save money and partially because those gifts just mean more.

Christy said...

I love the idea. I am trying to give more homemade items too. So, you are going to Newfoundland? Very cool. Will you be posting pictures of your trip?

SkylarKD said...

I always like giving and receiving homemade gifts, even if I don't find the time to make them as often as I'd like!

Christy > I'm sure I'll post a few pictures from Newfoundland! I lived there for 10 years, and my parents still live there. We get back about once a year. I'm excited to be in St. John's for some festivities, and to catch up with old friends and family I haven't seen in a while. :)

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