June 24, 2009

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

We had a nice day on Father's Day, even though I had to leave that evening on a business trip. Here are C's favourite Daddy books:

Daddy's Girl - Garrison Keillor

This board book makes a great shower/baby arrival gift. It's a sweet collection of Daddy/Daughter poems, and a couple of them are pretty funny! The diaper changing poem is the best - C can even recite it!

Daddy's Little Girl - Ronne Randall
A cute book about a Daddy teaching his daughter to ride her bicycle. We got it as a gift, but it seems hard to find (It's not on Amazon right now).

Just Me and My Dad - Mercer Mayer
I loved this book when I was little. In fact, C has my copy, complete with record! In this book, Little Critter and his Dad go camping. As always, Mercer Mayer's illustrations tell a different story than the words! There is a video based on this book, which we borrowed from our library. C loves seeing Little Critter sing!

My Little Girl - Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas
I bought this one for Hubby for Father's Day. It's about having fun just being together and doing ordinary things.

I Love You Daddy! - Edie Evans
This is a cute, short rhyming book that shows many different fathers doing fun activities with their children.

I'd Be Your Princess - Kathryn O'Brien
I gave this one to one of C's friends on her birthday. In this book, the little girl imagines being a princess and her Daddy talks about how she'd be such a good princess, because she has character traits like honesty, helpfulness and sharing. Short bible verses are at the bottom of each page.

I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!

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