March 10, 2009


We have a library in our house.

That's what it feels like, anyways. Visitors are always astounded. My childhood books have made the rounds to cousins, and we received a huge box after C was born. Plus, I have a weakness for buying cheap books on (go - buy! Get $5 off $35 with the coupon code magic and password But I digress...

C has long loved to entertain herself by pulling books off her shelves and flipping through them. She will sit still for long airplane rides as long as we keep reading to her (thank goodness for that!), and we often find her sitting in her room, flipping through books: "read it by yourself!" (we're working on the my/your distinction).

My girl is quite a bookworm, and her memory astounds me. She'll walk around the house quoting from her books - do other people's kids do that?

At just over 2 years old, here are some of C's current favourites:

If You Give A Moose A Muffin

A birthday gift from her Daddy. She thinks it's hilarious and giggles the whole way through.

Amelia Bedelia series

Amelia Bedelia has been a big hit in our house since last summer. We have a bunch of them, and Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia is one of our favourites. C walks around the house talking about Mrs. Bender who has hives, and hopefully honey! These books are pretty long, so they're perfect for plane rides and waiting in the doctor's office!

Dick and Jane

C is a huge fan of the Dick and Jane books. We read them more than any other books, much to her Daddy's chagrin. They're also apparently very quotable - we often hear a little voice saying "Jump down funny Puff!" or reminding us that "Jane will have a birthday soon!"

Bad Dog, Marley!

Dog books are popular, particularly if they involve cookies and cake. The longest sentence C can say is "Mommy baked a chocolate cake and put it high on top of the refrigerator!" Which is shortly followed by: "Marley got it! Every last crumb!"
That girl is SO going to want a dog.

And those are some of C's current favourites! What are you reading these days?


Infant Bibliophile said...

I love reading about what other kids love! We'll have to check these out. Our son is only 15 1/2 months, but his latest obession is In The Town All Year 'Round. He also really likes Goodnight Moon and a counting version called Goodnight Moon 123. And anything with buses, fire engines, and trucks!

Infant Bibliophile said...

ps Love your blog title...that's our little man's favorite alphabet book, so as soon as I saw your title I thought "policeman in a pail!"

SkylarKD said...

LOL - that's awesome that you understood! :)

I understand the fire truck thing - my gal LOVES fire fighters. When we're in the playroom at our church hall, she'll go around picking up every fire fighter figurine she can find! One of her favourite books is "The Fire Fighter's Counting Book", a little Golden Book.

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