March 25, 2009

Rainbow matching

C is really into matching colours lately. The other day she took all of the yellow-ish magnets off the fridge and put them into a yellow bowl. The next day I found these lined up in the hallway:

So I decided to put together a rainbow matching game for her. For this project you'll need:
  • white paper
  • markers
  • single colour stickers (I used office supply dots)
First, draw a rainbow on the paper, including only colours that you have matching stickers for. Make each colour wide enough for your stickers (I coloured the rainbow myself, but for older children might want to draw/paint the rainbow themselves, or you can outline the rainbow and let them colour it in).

Next, show your child the rainbow and talk about the colours (this is also a good time to talk about where rainbows come from).

Ask your child to choose a sticker. Ask her what colour it is, and ask her where that colour is in the rainbow. Ask her to put it on the same colour in the rainbow.

Your child can probably take it from there! C got the hang of this really quickly, and she emptied the whole sheet of stickers. She seemed to think the blue belonged right in the middle though!

This is her finished project. The stickers peel of pretty easily, and we'll probably do this one again.


Sab said...

That is SO perfect! What a simple yet fun project!

I LOVE crafts... I'm looking forward to doing all sorts of fun crafty things with my daughter as she gets older (I already know she loves clay... her first laugh was when she was 2 1/2 months old and we were sticking her feet in clay to make ornaments... TOO cute)

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh, I like this idea!! Isn't it great when you "discover" all of the cute and new things they do? She likes colors! She's very smart for only being 2!! What fun. My "baby" is 4, and she's into letters and all that already. It does go so fast. Thanks for coming to my blog.

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