March 13, 2009

Pot of Gold

C and I did another St. Patrick's Day art project today - creating a pot of gold.

Very little prep was needed for this activity, just a "pot" and some shamrocks cut out of black construction paper. Other supplies:
  • cereal box cardboard (or paper)
  • glue
  • markers
  • gold stickers
I had a bunch of Hallmark card seals that worked great as the "gold", but play money or circles cut out of yellow paper would work fine!

We've never tried drawing rainbows before, hence the abstract 2-year old's interpretation! C loves the glue bottle, but is a bit finicky about having sticky stuff on her hands, and kept holding them out for me to wipe! She really liked adding the gold stickers to the pot.

I really should have looked for St. Patrick's Day books at the library today; I'm not sure how to explain the holiday to her!

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