March 20, 2009

Flea market finds

...well, not quite a flea market, but close - the Salvation Army.

We've been doing a major closet purge, and I had a few bags of donations to drop off this morning. I was unusually sans famille, so I took some time to browse and, of course, walked out with a few things for C. Rain boots, because she'll grow out of hers any minute, a couple of Little People vehicles, a craft book, and a few farm/animal books. We're big fans of Grover here, and I loved this series of Sesame Street books when I was little. At $0.25 each, I couldn't pass them up!

I also bought a few skirts off the $0.50 rack (currently in the washing machine), in the hopes of trying my hand at making some skirts and dresses for C, à la the Recession Wear that this stay-at-home dad makes (check it out, his stuff is fantastic!). It's funny, I'd been to the fabric store that morning and couldn't find anything that caught my eye, but I did well at the thrift store!

1 comment:

Kathleen W. said...

Great finds! I love those "little people" flap-lift books, and we have a few.

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