March 19, 2009

Music box

C has a "music box" that we keep adding small instruments to. We store it under a coffee table in our living room, and she pulls it out to play a few times a week. I've been meaning to collage the box for months, and we finally started this weekend.

While I was cutting out pictures from catalogs and clip art that we printed, C drew on the box.
Then she spread glue on the lid of the box, and stuck the pictures on, with some help - she tends to put everything in the same spot, so I rotated the box and pointed out empty spots.
C lost interest after about 15 minutes, so it will be an ongoing project to finish the box, and eventually mod podge the surface for durability (and so the pictures stick better!). It's much better than the boring Spalding box!


Amber said...

A lot of our projects are "on-going" too! Sammi actually taught herself how to hold scissors. She wouldn't let me show her, either! She's left-handed so I didn't have a clue anyway, being right-handed myself :) I guess it's a sign of things to come. thanks for your comment. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to returning often!

SkylarKD said...

Ahhh, independent toddlers... :)

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