April 14, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day with a Toddler + an Earth Day Challenge!

I've been brainstorming ideas to celebrate Earth Day as a family. C is two years old, and I've been jotting down age-appropriate activities and searching for books that she would enjoy. Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22nd, but we're going to celebrate all week. I haven't heard of any child-friendly activities in our city yet, so we're making plans on our own.

Here's what I have so far:
  • Pick up garbage in the neighborhood
  • Nature walk
  • Tidy our garden to get ready for planting
  • Make a pinecone bird feeder
  • Painting rocks
  • Read environment and nature-themed books
  • Have a colour day: Green!
  • Look at maps (download free maps here for colouring and activities)

I'd like to challenge you all to celebrate Earth Day with your families; or better yet: Earth Week! Post about your plans on your blog, and then link to it here using the Mister Linky below. Then come back and link to pictures of your family celebrating Earth Day!

Here are a few kid-friendly Earth Day crafts from Kaboose to get you started. I'm excited to hear about all of your ideas!

Please link to your POST (not just your blog). Thanks!


Laura said...

This is a very cool idea :) Earth day also happens to be the day we vote :)

Will see what I can come up with for me and my kidlets!

Jenny said...

Great idea! Now you have me thinking...

SkylarKD said...

Can't wait to see what you gals come up with! :)

Kathleen W. said...

What a great idea! I like the pinecone birdfeeder activity, as well as the nature walk. I need to think of some things to do as well. I really would like to plant a tree in our yard, since it's my son's first year on earth and it would be neat to see the tree grow a little more each year.

Qudsya said...

wow i have just added our list here. and looking forward to see more fun crafts related to the earth here


Amber said...

Thanks for the motivation. I wasn't really going to do anything, but you inspired me! We had fun spending more time outside this week. The weather cooperated nicely :)

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