April 5, 2009

The Terrible Twos

No, I'm not talking about my daughter's behaviour, although some days I could be!

I'm so excited! I just found out that The Terrible Twos have a new album! I'm a bit behind the times, as Jerzy the Giant was released in 2008, but it was recently added to emusic (my favourite music downloading spot). Apparently it's on iTunes too, for those of you who download your music that way.

We are big fans of The Terrible Twos' album If You Ever See An Owl. They're a new breed of children's entertainers, in the same vein as Dan Zanes and Justin Roberts. The lyrics are smart, the tunes are catchy, and even though I've listened to it dozens of times, it doesn't get tiring! The only song on the album I don't like is "Pizza and chocolate milk". The sound effects in "A Rake, A Broom, A Mop, A Shovel" used to make C roar with laughter when she was a year old, and until recently she couldn't say the words "excuse me" without immediately following them with "Smickey!" and giggling. I highly recommend the album, and I'm downloading the new one as we speak!

Head on over to Amazon or The Terrible Twos' MySpace Music page to hear some samples!

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