April 23, 2009

Water and Pine Cones - Earth Day 2009

Despite the rain, we spent some time outdoors on Earth Day. We went to a local park with some friends, and all the kids enjoyed playing around a small pond and checking out the streams. They enjoyed the "sink or float" game... sometimes a bit too much - many shovels and buckets made it into the water and were saved by the grown-ups!

C loved throwing pine cones into the water - she cleared a good sized section of the forest floor! I saved a couple to make pine cone bird feeders that evening. This was the perfect toddler activity, with a bit of a snack thrown in. All we needed was peanut butter, seeds, pine cones and string. Unfortunately, it started raining again shortly after we hung them up outside and it's been raining all day today too, so most of the seeds have probably washed off! It's supposed to be warm and sunny all weekend (25 degrees C!), so if we re-coat the pinecones, we'll probably get to see some birds munching away!

What did your family do? Add your post here.


Valerie said...

Looks like good messy fun! And good for the environment too! :-)

Jenny said...

What a fun day!

marzipan79 said...

Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day. Thank you for your great ideas for starting my garden. I am not so intimidated now and am ready to get started this weekend. Thanks again. I will let you know how it goes.

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