April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's the night before Easter, and we finally dyed our Easter eggs! Miss C enjoyed helping to make the coloured water and drop the eggs in. Even more fun was decorating some of them with markers - she spent at least 15 minutes colouring 3 eggs!

We tried using stickers on a few of the eggs to make un-dyed shapes, but water seeped under the stickers and we ended up with shapeless white blotches. Too bad! We just used water, food colouring and a splash of vinegar in each bowl. The red (pink), blue and purple dyed well, but we had to keep the yellow and green in for a couple of hours to tint them.

We're not officially doing the Easter Bunny (I understand the history behind Santa Claus, but I just don't get the Easter Bunny), but we're having an egg hunt tomorrow, eating the hot cross buns that are cooking right now (why oh why did I start so late?), and hopefully heading to church. C is normally pretty well behaved there, but it will be a long, crowded service tomorrow, so we'll play it by ear and see what her mood is like! Tomorrow night we're having some friends over for supper.

I hope you enjoy the holiday with the ones you love!


Rona's Home Page said...

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog during the Ultimate Blogging Party.
Sorry it took me so long to head over to yours.
Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and yours.

Sab said...

Happy Easter Monday! Those pics are cute! I f you wanna have some undyed portions of egg, use a crayon in the areas you want white... it works pretty good!

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