April 13, 2009

Spring planting

Sadly, we got snow again today.

After a week of beautiful sunshine and with the snow piles almost all gone, it's pretty hard to take! But it was nice on Friday and we planted some vegetable seeds to grow indoors until the beginning of June when they can go outside (yes, we have a short growing season!). Filling and refilling her own pots kept C entertained for quite a while, and we laid down a tablecloth on the floor, so it was pretty easy clean-up!

The cress seeds we planted as a science experiment have also started to sprout already, but the cat grass egg heads still need some more time!


Hadley said...

looks like fun!

I haven't decided if I'm going to plant anything new or not :)

Sab said...

That is cute. I haven't bothered with a garden now in awhile. I should plant something this year.

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